Brazilian law firm CSMV Advogados announces new tax-partner

Ana Carolina Monguilod is a professor at Insper and has worked at major law firms, such as PGLaw and i2a Advogados

Posted jeudi, juillet 27 2023
Brazilian law firm CSMV Advogados announces new tax-partner

In early July, CSMV Advogados announced the arrival of Ana Carolina Monguilod as the newest partner in its tax law practice, currently headed by Flavio de Haro Sanches. Monguilod lectures at Insper, a university located in Sao Paolo, and has accrued a wealth of experience at major law firms like PGLaw and i2a Advogados.

According to the firm, the addition of the new partner is part of a growth project to which Ana Carolina’s expertise is of considerable strategic importance.

"We are convinced that Ana Monguilod’s role as a new partner will result in significant growth in the short term, reinforcing our presence in various sectors. In addition to being an extremely competent and recognized professional in the market, she will undoubtedly maintain an essential characteristic of the firm, which is the integration among its areas and unity in serving our clients," commented Octavio Vidigal, a member of CSMV Advogados’ Management Committee.

As for the new partner, she had this to say: "I will have as partners old friends and people for whom I have always held great admiration. The various areas of CSMV complement each other and provide comprehensive client service for their diverse needs."