BonelliErede reaches 90 partners with new promotions

The Italian behemoth makes up three partners across dispute resolution, capital markets and projects.

Posted Tuesday, December 14th 2021
BonelliErede reaches 90 partners with new promotions

Enrico Chieppa, Federica Munno, Giorgio Frasca

At a partners’ meeting on Saturday, BonelliErede officially confirmed the promotion to partner of a senior counsel and two managing associates, bringing the firm’s current partner count to 90.

Litigator and arbitration counsel Enrico Chieppa, who is based in Milan, specialises in corporate, civil and bankruptcy disputes, with particular expertise in tenders, liability claims against corporates, follow-on actions and class actions; he is a member of the firm’s Competition Litigation task force.

Former managing associate Federica Munno, who is also based in Milan, is an equity capital markets specialist, advising on extraordinary transactions involving listed companies and public company governance. Meanwhile, Giorgio Frasca, who is based in Rome, is the other managing associate to make partner; he is an expert in project finance and tenders and concessions for public works. He also has experience in banking, finance and corporate restructuring.

Firm president Stefano Simontacchi and managing partner Andrea Carta Mantiglia commented: “As young professionals who have been with us since the start of their careers, we are sure they will contribute to the growth of our firm, the projects and challenges we are currently working on and those that await us in the months to come”.

The three promotions are the final third of a nine-partner promotion round at BonelliErede in 2021.