Argentina’s Bomchil adds two partners

Argentine law firm Bomchil has announced the addition of Guillermo Teijeiro and Mariano Ballone as partners of the firm, who join from their own firm with a group of associates.

Posted Wednesday, February 2nd 2022
Argentina’s Bomchil adds two partners

Guillermo Teijeiro and Mariano Ballone

Together with the group of associates, Guillermo and Mariano bring to Bomchil their decades of experience, having spent the last 10 years as founding and senior partners of Teijeiro & Ballone, a tax law firm with an extensive blue chip client base.

The team shares Bomchil's signature work ethic, attention to detail and service orientation.

"We are delighted to bring on board a leading tax law firm, widely recognized in the local and international market,” Javier Petrantonio, Bomchil's managing partner, said.

"Their extensive knowledge and experience, combined with Bomchil's great team led by Alejandro Messineo and Ariadna Artopoulos, will result in a solid tax law practice group that will be unique in the Argentine legal market," he added.

New partner Guillermo Teijeiro holds a law degree from the University of La Plata and an LLM from Harvard University, and was a visiting research fellow in Harvard’s international tax program in 1988. He is currently a professor of international tax legislation in the postgraduate tax law program at the Universidad Católica Argentina.

Regarding his move to Buenos-Aires based Bomchil, he said: "It is not easy to leave an established boutique firm. However, Bomchil's outstanding reputation, its variety of practice areas and formidable team of lawyers really appealed to us and is the best step forward for our working group".

For his part, Mariano Ballone is a lawyer graduated from the Universidad de Buenos Aires and is currently a professor in the postgraduate program at the Universidad Católica Argentina.