Argentina’s Bomchil adds new partner

Argentine law firm Bomchil has announced the incorporation of former judge of the National Chamber of Commercial Appeals, Julia Villanueva, as a partner.

Posted lundi, février 12 2024
Argentina’s Bomchil adds new partner

With an outstanding legal career in the judicial field, Julia has held key roles, including that of secretary of a First Instance Commercial Court, law clerk of the Supreme Court of Justice, first instance judge and, most recently, member of the National Chamber of Commercial Appeals Court.

As a judge, Julia played a key role in important debt restructuring processes, enforcement of guarantees, corporate litigation, class actions and other complex legal matters.

In addition to her judicial experience, Julia has an extensive academic background at the Law School of the Universidad de Buenos Aires, where she has been a professor of commercial law since 1998, as well as at other universities in the country.

Julia officially joined the firm on February 1, bringing the total number of partners to 25 and expanding the group of female partners to seven.