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ADICOMDAYS: the first digital communication meeting made in Africa

The first edition was held on March 2d in Paris

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Organized by Totem Experience and Hopscotch Africa, the first edition of Adicomdays (Africa Digital Communication Days), was held in Paris on March 2nd. The day-long conference, gathering more than 250 participants, heard from 30 influencial figures in digital communication in Africa on the topic entitled; Brand Content and Influence Marketing: Key Drivers of Digital Africa.


Adicomdays gave voice to African influencers, letting them to share their worlds, inspire their audience with their paths, their experiences and their daily challenges. Digital trends, brand content, web influencers, new video media, social networks, innovative formats of digital advertising: this event provided a unique opportunity to explore all these themes, in the context of an Africa where the internet penetration rate is expanding fast - the number of active internet users has increased by 14% since 2015 - and digital communication indisputably represents a key challenge both now and in the future. The event concluded with the inaugural Adicom awards ceremony, rewarding creativity, talent and innovation in African digital communication. 





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