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The Arbitration and Litigation practices at Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.C. have a track record of unparalleled expertise in handling the most complex and demanding cases.

We understand that, for our clients, lawsuits represent transaction costs that diminish the net returns on an investment. Therefore, our first task is to prevent a dispute from arising. When a dispute nonetheless arises, we guide our clients through all stages of arbitration and litigation proceedings, from initial filings to enforcement proceedings.

Our Dispute Resolution team is composed of more than 30 lawyers.  Our Arbitration practice is one of the largest of its type in the Mexican market, our lawyers are hand-picked from the best law schools in Mexico, the US, and Europe, admitted to practice in various jurisdictions. Our team is known for its creative and multi-layered strategies that take into account the client’s circumstances and priorities, as well as for our attention to detail and our strict ethical standards.

Additionally, our Litigation practice is also one of the largest of its type in the market of Mexican law firms. Being often involved in bet-the-company litigation, our team has developed a unique sensibility and understanding of the high stakes implicated in our cases, allowing us to design and implement tailored court-room strategies and creative out-of-court resolutions that set us apart from our peers. 


  • Commercial Arbitration
  • Investment Arbitration
  • Public Works Arbitration
  • Administrative Litigation
  • Civil & Commercial Litigation


Claus von Wobeser DR Partner
Adrián Magallanes DR Partner
Diego Sierra DR Partner
Montserrat Manzano DR Partner
Raymundo Soberanis Arbitration Partner
Pablo Fautsch Arbitration Partner
Jessika Rocha Arbitration Partner

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