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TOC Asociados is a team of communication experts guided by its purpose: to build bridges through strategic communication towards creating understanding between people, companies and institutions. Its culture is based on 3 fundamental values: proactivity, adaptability and commitment. They design, draw up and follow a strategy, always aware of the importance of obtaining concrete results, both qualitative and quantitative. Numerous awards, such as the Effie and Anda, have marked its 8 years of experience, but its greatest recognition is the trust granted by its client portfolio, among which are the most reputable companies in sectors such as: mining, banking and finance, construction, retail, telecom, education, mass consumption, etc.

Maribel has been chosen for 3 consecutive years as the best journalist of her generation. She has received awards from Congress and other institutions for contributing by means of her news reports towards building a better society. Television programs such as Cuarto Poder, Día D, Buenos Días Perú, among others, have provided the public with her political investigations and social chronicles. She also worked at radio stations and has been a columnist for several nation-wide newspapers. Once in the corporate world, she has worked as Public Relations Director for Newlink Group, an international communication advisory agency. Eight years ago, she founded TOC Asociados. Maribel was the first women in Perú who won the Women Marketeers Perú award (2019) in the Public Relations category. Her vast experience in the media and her excellent reputation allow her to translate strategies into measurable results. Nowadays, in addition to successfully leading TOC Asociados, she is part of the Women in Tech Communications Advisory Board and teaches Crisis Management as a postgraduate professor at the University of Applied Sciences. She also teaches the Strategic Communication course at the Diplomatic Academy of Peru.


Corporate communication
  • Design of Communication Strategies
  • Crisis Prevention and Management
  • Spokesperson Training
External Communication
  • Relationship with the communication media
  • Relationship with Local, Regional and National Authorities
  • Relationship with the Communities
Internal communication
  • Organizational Research
  • Preparation of newsletters, magazines, press releases and other internal communication platforms.
Digital Communication
  • Content Creation
  • Consultancy
Content Production and Sustainability Consulting
  • Creation of Audiovisual Content
  • Sustainability Advisory


Maribel Toledo Ocampo CEO
Patricia Montero Director
Rachel Bronstein Director
Diana Mujica Director
Ximena Zavala Director

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