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Sérvulo: A highly specialised business partner
SÉRVULO is a Portuguese full-service law firm with more than 20 years of existence, which occupies a leading position in the Portuguese legal market. Recognized for the quality of its legal services in all relevant areas of law and strategic sectors, SÉRVULO has a highly competent multidisciplinary team of more than 100 lawyers, motivated by a single purpose: to transform academic research and accumulated knowledge in the design of sound legal solutions, thus creating added-value for its clients. SÉRVULO is trusted by a vast number of the main private and public entities, both domestic and international, in the Portuguese-speaking legal markets and in all the most significant economic sectors. It houses a roster of lawyers that are fully capable of facing all of the challenges that may arise at any time and in any field of the Law.

SÉRVULO draws on its comprehensive knowledge of all areas of business and economic activity to provide clients with specialised counsel in dispute resolution cases, be they in the public or private sector, or at the national or international level.

The firm prides itself on acting with thoroughness and rigour, to which end the disputes team works in constant consultation with lawyers who are specialised in the specific sectors of the case. SÉRVULO prioritises litigation prevention by identifying risk and implementing protection strategies, but always defends the client’s interests whenever litigation cases arise.
Arbitration has a number of clear advantages as a means of dispute resolution and it is a growing area of importance at the national and international level. For these reasons, SÉRVULO has invested significantly in the area in recent years. The firm’s partners and associates are regularly invited to participate in arbitrations, as counsel or as arbitrator, and take part in industry-wide initiatives aimed at promoting arbitration in general.

The firm has handled numerous important commercial arbitrations, domestic and international, as well as several foreign investment arbitrations.


Public Law
Finance and Governance
Restructuring and Insolvency
Corporate, Commercial and M&A
Employment Law
Corporate Crime and Regulatory Compliance
European and Competition Law
Real Estate, Tourism and Urban Planning
Intellectual Property
Life Sciences
Privacy and Personal Data Protection
Sports Law


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