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Brazil Av. Desembargador Moreira, 760 - 6º andar 60170-000 Fortaleza +55 (85) 3208 8700

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Track record:
North-Eastern powerhouse frequently called upon by heavyweights from the banking, telecommunications and healthcare sectors for the tailor-made quality of its large-scale consumer litigation practice. Highly reputed for its adept handling of strategic mandates before both the lower and superior courts. Additionally active in credit recovery proceedings.
Team and differentiation:
With over 900 professionals spread throughout 11 offices across the North-East and Center-West regions, this full-service titan currently handles over 250,000 claims and capably advises its select clientele nationwide. With over 18 years of legal practice under his belt, name partner Wilson Sales Belchior capably leads the firm’s strategic and large-scale consumer litigation practice.
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