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Orsingher Ortu - Avvocati Associati is an independent law firm which specializes in complex transactions, advisory work and lit- igation notably in the fields of intellectual property, new media & information technology, corporate & finance, antitrust, competi- tion & trade and labour laws. Our partners have all developed their professional skills in prominent international law firms and have brought those skills to a tailored, client-focused structure.

Our intellectual propriety, digital & information technology group is regarded within the industry as a leading player:

  • Creative intellectual works

such as works of literature, music, figurative art, architecture, cin- ematography, photography and new media, as well as software, databases and designs, all of which are protected by copyright law. Industrial products can also be protected by national and Commu- nity exclusive rights in designs if registered, and by unregistered Community exclusive rights in designs (for a shorter time).

  • Proprietary information

Technical know-how - Proprietary information includes know- how that resolves a technical problem in a new way; it can be pro- tected as a patent, as a utility model or by exclusive rights over secret information.

Business know-how - Marketing information applied to the pursuit of business is one type of information in this category that can be protected as secret information and through competition law.

Personal data of customers, potential customers and employees - The use of the personal data of third parties collected by a business is governed by the provisions of the Data Protection Code, which sets the limits to data processing and the forms permitted.

  • Competitive positioning tools

Trademarks - All of the distinctive signs of a business, including registered and de facto trademarks, the name or trade name, the firm, signs, domain names, and the packaging and forms of the products are protected against passing off and unwarranted copy- ing by competitors.

Company style - All elements used in crafting the identity of a busi- ness in the marketplace including advertising campaigns, slogans, signage,the interior design of sales outlets and marketing strategies are protected individually and as a whole by the provisions of the Industrial Property Code and competition law.

Promotional tools - Web sites and their domain names are protect- ed by the provisions of the Industrial Property Code and compe- tition law. Advertising campaigns, sponsorships, home shopping and prize competitions are regulated and in some cases protected by special rules.


  • E-commerce Internet & New Media
  • Publishing
  • Industrial Design
  • Gaming
  • Engineering
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Pharmaceuticals, Life sciences & Biotech
  • Luxury & Fashion
  • Advertising & Promotions
  • Software & Cloud- deployed services
  • Technology elecommunications


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