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Luzuriaga & Castro Abogados was founded during a moment in Ecuador when Intellectual Property protection was an incipient reality and a pressing need. Luzuriaga & Castro Abogados is a pioneer firm in IP enforcement in Ecuador: the first criminal action in defense of IP rights; the first border action; the first judgment against an IP lawbreaker; the first destruction of illegal goods.
Luzuriaga & Castro Abogados experience translates into a broad development of legal strategies for protection and defense of Intellectual Property Rights, based on an in-depth knowledge of local, Andean and International legislation, and a close relationship with State Institutions, to which Luzuriaga & Castro Abogados permanently trains.
Luzuriaga & Castro Abogados has high-level professionals, forged in Luzuriaga & Castro Abogados, experts in Intellectual Property enforcement. Heirs of the innovation and vanguard tradition that characterizes the firm, they form an efficient and effective team that develops and implement appropriate strategies for each client and each case, providing legal advice and defense that meet the most stringent quality standards and allows its clients to maintain an efficient management and protection of their IP rights.
Specialists in Criminal Protection and Border Actions, Luzuriaga & Castro Abogados provides comprehensive advice on Intellectual Property matters, which includes trademarks registration, patents, protection of copyrights, contracts, licenses, administrative appeals, annulment, cancellation, and related administrative actions. With a comprehensive approach, it complements the practice of IP in response to other corporate matters required by its clients, such as Business Law, Energy Law and Government Contracting and Acquisition.


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