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Lammoglia Abogados is a law firm committed to experience, based on principles of ethics, quality and professionalism. Dedicated to providing preventive and strategic legal advice, the Firm offers its clients innovative, timely and comprehensive solutions providing certainty and confidence to its clients.

Our Firm model is designed to foster teamwork, ensuring that our clients will be served by the appropriate partners, associates and interns who can attend to their affairs with the greatest practical experience and knowledge of legal provisions.

At Lammoglia Abogados we assist our clients in identifying and complying with obligations that are applicable to their projects or investment prospects; likewise, we provide legal consulting services in various legal areas; and we represent our clients against third parties and government bodies.

The firm also represent its clients before various dispute solving entities, in order to defend their rights and interests; additionally, we advise and represent communities in order to defend their common rights; and we serve as mediators between conflicting parties to work toward a common solution.

Our main areas of practice are:

Administrative Law: we advise our clients on matters related to compliance with government regulations, negotiations and procedures before the executive branch.

Environmental Law: we advise our clients on matters concerning water, soil, air, waste, biodiversity, environmental risk and impact, natural resource optimization; federal zones; forestry , among others.

Energy: Consulting for clients that seek to produce energy for their own needs or to sell it to the government, either through traditional methods or through the use of renewable energy sources.

Regulatory: we provide consulting on sanitary matters; procedures, management of formalities, authorizations, and permits before COFEPRIS and other authorities from all three levels of government.

Mining: review of mining projects; verification of validity of the concessions; audit regarding the ownership regime of the mining lot; tailings handling. We advise projects and developments in obtaining their environmental and social permits, as well as support in the preparation of social and environmental management programs.

Social Impact: we contribute to the management and analysis of social impact and to the holding of prior and informed free meetings, with methodologies for characterizing, identifying and mitigating risks and enhancing positive impacts, contemplating relationships with interest groups involved with projects.

Dispute Solution: We represent our clients against official administrative acts that affect their interest before the Administrative Federal Courts, seeking the annulment of said acts. We represent our clients before the Supreme and Federal Courts against acts that conflict with the constitution or that have violated the client’s individual rights.

Corporate Services: we provide business advice for their constitution by creating legal strategies and constitutive and corporate documentation.


Administrative Litigation
Energy & Natural Resources


Franco Lammoglia Founding Partner
Manuel Pérez Of Counsel
Fernanda Garibay Associate
Gisela Ramírez

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