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We were founded over a century ago, in 1919, and today Kasznar Leonardos is recognized worldwide when it comes to Intellectual Property Law. As innovators by essence, we were built to share and encourage creativity and diversity at all times. With extensive knowledge and experience in various areas of law, we create customized solutions to protect and optimize innovations that help to move the world forward.


Our aim is to offer a wide range of technical, legal and strategic services in numerous fields of trademarks, patents and more. Our extensive experience in the area and a specialized team to meet the needs and technical and legal demands of your project are ready to work in the most diverse sectors and sizes of companies – whether large national companies, international companies and conglomerates, small businesses, startups, public entities, or even inventors and authors of works in general.

We are constantly updating our skills, studying public policies related to innovation and technology, both national and international. We also have a consolidated partner and correspondent network, allowing effective coordination and centralization of the client’s operation in multiple countries.


In addition, we act as legal advisors in contractual matters, including intellectual property licensing, and as lawyers, arbitrators and mediators in different spheres of the Judiciary.


Rio de Janeiro: Rua Teófilo Otoni, 63 - 5th to 7th floors - 20090-080 | Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brazil | T. +55 (21) 2113-1919 | F. +55 (21) 2113-1920

São Paulo: Av. Nove de Julho, 3.147 - 7th floor - 01407-000 | São Paulo, SP - Brazil | T. +55 (11) 2122-6600 | F. +55 (11) 2122-6633



Industrial Design
Marketing & Entertainment Law
Geographical Indications
Unfair Competition
Plant Varieties
Regulatory Law
Anti-piracy & Compliance
Sport Law
Life Sciences
Technology Transfer, Licensing and Franchising
Trade Secrets and Protection of Confidential Information
Data Protection and Digital Law


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