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Iriarte & Asociados is a group of lawyers specialized in the inter-relationship between Law and the Information Society, being the areas of policies and regulatory framework of the Information Society our main strength, together with the so-called law of new technologies. and intellectual property.

Our legal practice is constantly fed with academic work and scientific activity, as well as policy consulting, which allows us to understand in greater depth the new changes that information and communication technologies pose in society, and in this way be able to provide the services that your company or organization requires to face the new challenges demanded by the Information Society.

The correct understanding and knowledge of new information and communication technologies, added to our experience in technological businesses and the use of intellectual property as a tool for protection and enhancement of our clients’ companies are some of our main strengths. ; Therefore, we are able to provide you with a wide range of strategies for the registration, maintenance, use and protection of your intangible capital, intellectual and industrial property, as well as facing the challenges of the Information Society in strict compliance with current legislation. 

But we have not only taken the New Technologies as a guideline, the Material and Intangible Cultural Heritage, as a human creation that must be respected; as well as the Environment, which is where the human being unfolds, are part of our specializations, achieving together with Intellectual Property, Cultural and Creative Industries and the Law of New Technologies, an amalgam of modernity and respect for our historical legacy; of new digital technologies and recognition of the inventive capacity and sensitivity of the human being through creation and art. We are a mixture of our past and our future living in the present.

Our professional services are combined with a personalized approach to our clients, in order to find the solutions that best suit their needs and requirements.

Iriarte & Asociados is a group of lawyers and specialists in public management widely linked to the Creative and Cultural Industries that is concerned with new information and communication technologies. In the latter field, since its inception in our country and throughout the Latin American region, which has allowed us to understand and learn in-depth the new challenges posed by the Information Society as direct actors in the regulatory changes that have taken place. given in our country and at the regional level.



Information Society and New Technologies
Intellectual Property
Environmental Law
Advertisement Law
Data Protection / Personal Data
Digital Law
Information Society Policies
Cultural Heritage
Creative Industries


Erick Iriarte Ahon Founding Partner
Fátima Toche Vega Legal Director

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