Hakamana is the first Chilean litigation funding, whose objective is to finance the associated costs of arbitration processes such as legal fees or administrative expenses, assuming the risks of the arbitration.

Hakamana is a Rapa Nui word that means to give power.

We will carefully analyze every case, both from the legal and financial perspective, to finance those arbitration and litigation disputes which legal grounds are solid and have, therefore, relevant possibilities of success.

We want to be business leaders in Chile and in the region on litigation finance, supporting people or businesses with good claims but unable to pursue them due to the prohibitive cost of litigation. Furthermore, we hope to be a profitable company to our investors. Due diligence is key and for that reason highly experienced lawyers in the field of litigation and a professionally diverse investment committee, that is aware of our national reality, make the investment decisions.

The founder focuses on the finance of arbitrations, since the procedure has a limited duration and the consistent jurisprudence allows to evaluate more certainty the final decisions.

If the case is won, the founder receives an agreed share of the proceeds of the claim. If the case is unsuccessful, the funder loses its money and nothing is owed by the litigant.


Litigation Finance


Francisco Orrego President
Andrés Veszpremy Investment Commitee
Carolina Plaza Chief Executive Officer
Ignacio Rivadeneira Investment Commitee
Aldo Diaz Legal Director
Ignacio Canals Director
Ciro Colombara Director

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