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Gálvez, Risso, Zegarra & Asociados is a law firm specializing in tax, corporate and business development matters. For more than 20 years the partners of Gálvez, Risso, Zegarra & Asociados have been providing a full range of tax and corporate services to national and multinational companies.

Since 2019, in alliance with technology providers, we design and offer technological tools for tax control and administration.

We are a professional team focused on providing specialized tax services, corporate issues, foreign trade and customs matters, as well as foreign investment services, by using protocols and methodologies as a result of our experience and talents. 

We provide integral support for the identification, concretion and development of businesses and global investments in Peru. We build a personal relationship with our customers, allowing us to help and support them in making decisions related to their business strategy and management. 

In order to achieve our professional goals, we generate high-added value solutions that we offer to our clients. 

Our work is inspired by principles and a clear service vocation. 


Tax advisory
Tax planning
Tax audit assistance
Tax litigation
Tax technological services
Corporate services
Merger and acquisitions
Foreign trade and customs
Foreign investment services


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