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We are leaders in Executive Search, legal career advisors and coaching for the legal sector. Among other things, we were the first Head Hunters specialized in this industry. We are experts in recruit, develop and advise new potential talents that best suit the needs of a shifting legal industry, by detecting, examining the candidate and his or her capabilities, working both with them and with the clients, perfectly matching the job with the person. With more that twenty years of growingly profound knowledge of the industry and its players, we know not only the candidates, but also the culture of the firms and legal advisors.

Likewise, for more than eleven years now, we work consulting, both in professional career and in legal coaching. Self-manage-ment is key in order to effectively communicate with others and in order to work in cooperative workplaces. It is a journey that one has to go through during the development as professionals, and it is paramount to success. We work alongside lawyers, ad-justing their attitudes and leadership skills for the needs of the company, properly defining the goals in mind, and helping them plan their professional career, all while making sure they can handle change.

Through discretion, rigor and quality service, we care for our candidates and clients, using a personalized treatment and working with commitment, while also effectively demanding it to both of them.

Our team is small, we are a boutique with cutting edge technolo-gy, which enables us to be agile and to be capable of responding effectively to the needs of our clients. All of this is only possible thanks to our love for people, our drive to help them and, essen-tially, our vocation of service.



Recruitment of lawyers from all categories:

  • in law firms: juniors, seniors, and partners.
  • in companies (in-house lawyers): board secretaries, general secretaries, legal directors, tax directors, corporate governance directors, lawyers in general, etc.

Law firm mergers.

Team selection for specific areas


Experts in career planning and change management. We help professionals to align their professional and personal qualities to position themselves in this changing legal market, designing with them an action plan to achieve their objectives.

  • First-time job candidates.
  • Professionals undergoing change for personal reasons or due to changes in organisational and management models.
  • Senior professionals who want to give a new focus to their professional careers.

Experts in managing legal talent. As legal coach we offer guid-ance on the soft skills of lawyering. On this process, we try to discover skills that we have and that we do not know we have, and we also, try to strengthen and develop those that are most suitable for our job.

  • Partners of law firms.
  • Heads of Legal Department.
  • Board Members.
  • Counsels.
  • Lawyers in general, from all positions and levels.
  • Law firm benchmarking.
  • Remuneration Surveys.


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