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Doña Riveaux Abogados is a highly specialized firm in labor, social security, and immigration matters. We understand that today there are new dynamics between the worker and the employer that require a more thoughtful and creative management approach.

We have the ability to help our clients to be flexible and adapt to fluid circumstances that will determine their relevance in the market. An ability to leverage cutting-edge technology in all aspects of your business could mean the difference between success and failure.

We recognize that there are new equations that have changed not only the workforce, but also the way employment cases are litigated, including the tools and technology at our disposal, the improved ways we now collaborate with our colleagues, and clients and our deep commitment to diversity and inclusion.

We have a spherical organization where the client is the center and our objective is to give labor advice with the highest standards of quality and responsibility, defending the interests of the clients as if they were our own.

We are convinced that only a firm specialized in labor law and social law can effectively address all aspects related to human resources. We are the interlocutors between the employees and managers of the companies, and we propose pragmatic, fast, and effective solutions.

The firm advises companies in the following areas:

- Labour and Employment Law
- Individual Labour Law 

- Collective Labour Law 

- Labour consulting. 

- Day to day consulting. 

- Labour audits. 

- Internal investigations. 

- Corporate training. 

- Privacy and Data Protection. 

- Social Security. 

- Immigration Law. 

- Labour Compliance. 

- Business and Industrial Secrets. 

- Labour Litigation and Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolutions. 

- Labour Due Dilligences for M&A transactions. 

- Labour relations. 

- Occupational health and safety at the work place. 


Labor and Employment Law


Santiago Doña Founding Partner
Margarita Riveaux Partner

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