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An IP/IT boutique Law Firm founded by Maria Francesca Quattrone in 2009.

A team of professionals who, after extensive experience gained at international Law Firms, have decided to create a new professional environment specialised in areas of expertise.

3 Offices in Rome, Milan and Reggio Calabria and connections with international Law Firms to provide assistance in different countries worldwide.

In-Court and out-of-Court assistance and legal advice focusing on areas such as Industrial and Intellectual Property, Entertainment, New Technologies, Media, Communications, Privacy, as well as Commercial and Corporate law.

Involvement of specialists in Administrative, Employment and Litigation.
A team dedicated to “International Affairs and Regulation” to support Clients in the regulatory sector and in their relationships with the competent Authorities and the Government.

Flexibility in the management of projects by creating dedicated teams.
Pro-Bono Activity: the Law Firm is directly involved and supports several social projects (e.g. helping children and minors, young artists and musicians, education against bulling, etc.).

In-Court and out-of-Court assistance with IP related issues:

  • licence, merchandising and distribution agreements
  • company strategies and IP due diligence
  • anti-counterfeiting
  • protection of know-how, trade secrets, patents and industrial designs
  • Trademark and Patent Litigation


  • Agreements related to procurement of rights, phonographic and film production, co-production, music publishing, co-publishing, distribution, multi-user licence, rental, IP rights (photography audio-visual, music, design, etc.), performances, financing
  • Representation before the relevant sector associations (SIAE, IMAIE, SCF, AFI, etc.)


  • Pre-clearance of advertising (including comparative and misleading advertising)
  • Agreements for Product Placement and Sponsorship


  • E-commerce/e-business/e-marketplace B2B and B2C systems and platforms compliance and terms of use
  • E-books and E-learning
  • IT outsourcing, Software, ASP and Facility Management agreements 
  • Internet domains (domain name disputes) 
  • Privacy Compliance and advice (privacy-by-design and related issues)
  • Assistance before National Regulatory Authorities (AGCM, AGCOM, CORECOM, Garante per la Protezione dei Dati Personali) and European Union Authorities


  • Assistance with local regulations (IT, TLC, IP, Privacy, etc.) in the Client’s specific area of activity and monitoring of legislative and Government activity
  • Drafting of position papers, back-office documentation
  • Managing relations with Government, Parliament, European Commission, Public Administrations and Independent Authorities



  • Roma 

Via Eleonora Duse, 53
00197 Roma

  • Milano 

Via Senato, 8
20121 Milano

  • Reggio Calabria 

Via Tommaso Campanella, 52
89127 Reggio Calabria


Copyright and Intellectual property rights -Software
Trademarks, Patents, Design and Know how
IT Outsourcing – E-commerce
Pharmaceuticals, Life sciences & Biotech
Media, Communication and New Technologies
Entertainment (music, fi lm, advertising)
Luxury & Fashion
Privacy & Data Protection - Cybersecurity
Competition & Antitrust
Institutional and Regulatory Affairs
Litigation - ADR


Maria Francesca Quattrone
Irene Velli

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