Cisternas Y Cía Abogados


Cisternas y Compañía Abogados is a legal services office founded in 2000 with the aim of contributing to the prevention and resolution of large-scale and complex disputes from the perspective of the law and the parties’ interests. Dispute resolution, including civil, commercial, administrative and criminal litigation is its hallmark practice, offering a perspective capable of anticipating scenarios in the development of lawsuits and advising the attorneys involved on the course of action, proposing solutions in line with clients’ interests in the framework of the applicable law and higher court jurisprudence on the matter.

The firm concentrates on the prevention and resolution of disputes, with a team of highly skilled professionals in the prevention of business risks, the design of dispute resolution models and their administration, negotiation and in specialties inherent to business activities.

Cisternas y Compañía Abogados has consolidated a work methodology based on in-depth study of the commission to undertake a full design of the problem and to project all potential scenarios and results arising from different legal courses of action, to strategically resolve legal conflicts, incorporating innovation, technology and a deep knowledge of our client’s legal environment into our performance, generating a new competitive advantage.

Three partners lead firm –Gonzalo Cisternas Sobarzo, Juan Pablo Lorenzini Paci and Katherine Hyde– along with a team of senior consultans who are recognized for their public, private, and academic careers: Mario Desbordes, Domingo Hernández, Hugo Muñoz, Alfredo Larreta and Luis Masferrer.

Cisternas & Cía focuses on the prevention and resolution of conflicts in business, and on practice areas including corporate counseling, litigation, labor, tax, intellectual property, free competition, and criminal litigation. The firm is a member of the Chilean Institute of Rational Business Administration (Icare) and the Association of Entrepreneurs of Chile (Asech).


Dispute Resolution
Commercial & Civil Litigation
Administrative Litigation
Criminal Litigation
Business & Corporate


Gonzalo Cisternas Partner
Juan Pablo Lorenzini Partner
Katherine Hyde Partner
Mario Desbordes Consultant
Mario Desbordes Consultant
Luis Masferrer Consultant

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