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Chevalier & Sciales is a Luxembourg law firm specialising in corporate and financial litigation often involving high-stakes and complex corporate, commercial, banking, and financial law issues. The firm combines creative litigation strategies with business practicality to resolve high-stake disputes. It acts for private entities or individuals, companies, investors in contentious, advisory and non-contentious matters, be it before state courts or arbitration tribunals, in litigation, as well as in pre-litigation phases or for alternative dispute resolutions. Their strength lies in associating in-depth financial and commercial awareness with legal proceedings expertise.

Chevalier & Sciales is also active in international arbitration and has recently secured the defence for the claimants in an investment arbitration regarding the application of the Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) between Switzerland and the Czech Republic. The firm successfully represented clients in the enforcement of arbitration awards and court decisions among other things the enforcement of a $500 million arbitration award against a European State in the Grand-duchy of Luxembourg.

Highlighted cases:

- BIT arbitration case: value $1 billion ( and

- Successfully represented and assisted a creditor before the Luxembourg Court of Appeal and Luxembourg Supreme Court for the enforcement of a €500 million arbitration award within Luxembourg (Judgement of the Luxembourg Court of Appeal, decision 55/17-VIII-exequatur / Judgement of the Luxembourg Supreme Court (Cour de Cassation) 70/2018.

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The range of services include:


  • Corporate litigation: directors’ liability, group liability, shareholders’ disputes, provisional and protective measures.
  • Investment fund litigation: prospectus liability, limited partner and general partner disputes, disputes among fund principals and conflicts of interests.
  • Private banking and financial litigation: representing investors in issues arising out of bank-customer relationships and litigation over compensation for substantial market losses.
  • International arbitration: assisting clients with the enforcement of arbitration awards and representation of a client in an ongoing Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT) arbitration.


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