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At DS Casahierro Abogados, our clients’ needs require us to get in­volved in more sophisticated aspects of Intellectual Property and Competition, preparing ourselves to move forward with them, to­wards new trends, to always provide a suitable and timely legal advice that allows them to compete successfully in the mar­ket.

The synergy generated allows us to manage the different elements that affect the interests of our clients and that has allowed us to achieve leadership and develop adequate brand protection through anti-piracy actions in ports, in marketplaces as well as online.

In addition, our Firm has advised clients from different industry sectors on the proper implementation of the legal framework for the administration and protection of a portfolio of trade­marks, patents, copyrights and new technologies at the national and international level, and the different litigations in Intellectual Property, as well as the protection of personal data, through data collection, cross-bor­der data transfers and audits in order to avoid regulatory violations.

Likewise, we provide preventive advice and litigation advice in the areas of free competition, unfair competition, consumer, elimina­tion of market access barriers, dumping and subsidies, and at the regulatory level in the different business sectors.


Domain names
Anti Counterfeiting
Consumer Protection
Regulatory Matters
Data Protection
Sanitary regulation
Brand Protection
Competition & Antitrust


Javier Duany Partner
Jessica Ortíz Principal Associate

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