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Founded over thirty years ago, Carlos Eduardo Machado Advogados is one of the most renowned law firms in Rio de Janeiro. Its involvement in many of the most relevant cases in the last decades permitted the firm to participate with distinction in all the changes Brazilian criminal law went through, including the ascension of corporate criminal law.

The firm's strategic and pragmatic practice is always guided by technical excellence and high ethical values, especially the paramount respect for confidentiality. Every situation presented by its clients, whether individuals or corporations, is treated with uttermost seriousness.

The quality of the services provided is a result of its qualified legal team and the ample legal knowledge of its founding partner, Carlos Eduardo Machado, who directly participates in every case and decision entrusted to the firm.


Carlos Eduardo Machado Advogados is a law firm focused on corporate criminal law. Responsible for the defense of numerous individuals and corporations in high-profile criminal proceedings, the firm also provides preventive, consultancy, and compliance services. Its expertise is in quickly mapping the existing risks in the situations presented by clients and implementing effective measures to achieve the best results and minimize damages.


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