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Anetric SAC is a firm specialized in providing high-quality professional solutions in Engineering expert services, expert witnessreports, preparation  of expert reports & expert technicians and quantification of damage, cost and term damage for the private and public sector, we develop our services for Peruvian construction companies and foreign.

We provide technical support to solve a great diversity of problems faced by the public and private sector with high quality solutions, based on ethical and moral values, we have a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified professionals with international specialization who provide extensive knowledge and expert in each of the subjects.

We have extensive experience in the engineering & construction and energy sectors.


Technical Reports on Quantification of Damages Term and Damages Cost:
  • Expert in engineering consulting in infrastructure and construction
  • projects, risk assessment, execution and project closure.
  • Technical expert opinion
  • Analysis of delays and works program
  • Professional responsibility and analysis of construction defects
  • Forensic analysis of complex schedules
  • Economic damage analysis
  • Cost settlement
  • Polynomial formulas and readjustments
  • Preparation and defense of claims
  • Claims for cost overruns, Disruption and loss of productivity
Specialist Technical Reports:
  • Construction defect analysis
  • Hidden vices
  • Estimation of costs for repairing pavement failures
  • Failure analysis
  • Estimate of budgets of execution balances due to defects


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