Spanish economy minister: Universal basic income will be introduced

The Spanish government is to introduce a universal basic income as part of its response to the coronavirus crisis, according to the country’s economy minister Nadia Calviño.

Publicado Tuesday, April 7th 2020
Spanish economy minister: Universal basic income will be introduced

Nadia Calviño

She added that, once introduced, a universal basic income would become a permanent feature, even after the crisis passed.

No date has been given for the beginning of the roll-out and no details of the amount are yet available. reported that Calviño (pictured) said: “The work is complicated, and we are on many fronts at the moment, but the ministry is working decisively on it, and we will do it as soon as possible.”

In terms of the number of confirmed cases, Spain has been the European country worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic, with more than 136,000 cases confirmed to date.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has called for an EU-wide ‘Marshall Plan’ to combat the economic problems created by the coronavirus pandemic.

Last month, the Spanish government announced a €200 billion stimulus package to counteract the effects of the crisis. 

Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky, the UN independent expert on the effects of foreign debt and human rights, recently said governments should consider the introduction of an emergency universal basic income as “bold financial approaches” are needed to support the less well-off during the crisis.