'South America is a priority – many European companies operate there'

Accuracy’s Eduard Saura discusses why the business is focusing on advisory and dispute resolution in regulated markets and how the firm is building bridges between Iberia and Latin America

Publicado Wednesday, April 1st 2020
'South America is a priority – many European companies operate there'

Eduard Saura

Interview with EDUARD SAURA, Managing Partner Spain, ACCURACY

LEADERS LEAGUE. Why is the Spanish market of importance for a global company such as Accuracy?

Eduard Saura. Spain is the fourth largest economy in the eurozone. It has leading international companies in construction, banking and utilities and a strong network of best-in-class mid-sized companies in areas like the automotive, tourism, agro or aeronautic sectors. These are sectors of predilection for Accuracy and having an office in Spain allows us to be credible at a worldwide level. Finally, many students choose Spanish as a second language: being able to spend time in Madrid or Barcelona for a project or as a temporary transfer is definitely a way to retain talent.

What bridges have you developed (or wish to develop) between Spain and South America?

South America is strategic for us, but it is also the sum of many different unconnected markets. We are focusing on advisory and dispute resolution in regulated markets for two reasons: one, because many Spanish and European companies are operating there; and two, because this is where we can bring added value compared to local firms. As such, we have been involved in some of the most prominent infrastructure projects in countries like Panama, Colombia, Peru and Guatemala. Our objective is to continue growing our ties with the top law firms of each country as well as with the relevant regulatory bodies in order to consolidate our position as a reference firm in the region.

What makes Accuracy unique?

We have a very strong culture of stewardship, collaboration and excellence. We mix people from different academic, business and personal background. Our difference is therefore to be broad-minded when addressing our clients’ stay-awake issues in order to offer bespoke, sharp advice and reports. We make sure everybody embodies these values, as we strongly believe they translate into
better service for our clients and into more interesting careers for our people.

What are the biggest challenges that lie ahead?

Spain is an expanding economy, which is good for professional services firms, but it is also a very competitive market. We want to be known for being able to intervene in very complex issues that require a variety of skills. In Latam, we are still not as known as other consultancies. We want our brand to soon enjoy the same reputation and positioning as in the rest of geographies were we have offices.

What are indispensible qualities someone doing what you do needs?

Nowadays, any manager of any age and experience needs to remain an example for those who work around him or her. That means being technically up to date, listening, accepting criticism, adding tangible value to the firm, coaching people so that they know they are learning and so on. For clients, not only do you need to not only to be technically impeccable but you also need to have social skills. Since it is practically impossible to be excellent in all of these areas, the most important quality is to know your weak spots and surround yourself with colleagues that complement you.