Mexico’s Ferran Martínez promotes partner

Mexican law firm Ferran Martínez Abogados has promoted Alix Airam Trimmer Espinosa to partner.

Publicado Tuesday, January 18th 2022
Mexico’s Ferran Martínez promotes partner

She has focused her professional practice for more than 13 years on consulting and litigation in labor and social security matters, as well as the analysis of labor and employment affairs from a corporate perspective, the elaboration of employee hiring strategies, implementation and modification of compensation programs, and general policies for environmental, social and corporate governance for labor compliance. 

She is a professor of labor and employment law at several universities and has participated in seminars and is an active member of the FEMXFEM civil association, an organization of women of various ages that provides tools such as workshops, conferences and even a support line to raise awareness of women rights, as well as pro bono legal advice, to empower women.

As part of such an association, she has also participated as a speaker at seminars related to sexual harassment and the vulnerable position of women in the workplace. She is also an active member of Comunidad Libre, an LGBT group of Escuela Libre de Derecho for alumni and students, in which she advises students on their process of social acceptance and helps them find inclusive and safe workplaces in the legal profession. She holds a degree in law from the Escuela Libre de Derecho, and a master’s degree in labor law from the same institute.

Ferran Martínez Abogados is a Mexico City-based law firm primarily focused on representing management in all aspects of labor and employment law.