CADE Releases 'Competition in The Digital Market' Study

Publicado Monday, October 26th 2020
CADE Releases 'Competition in The Digital Market' Study

In August, CADE released an international benchmarking to guide competition in digital markets.

On August 13th, the Brazilian Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) released an international benchmarking study about competition in digital markets.


Through the analysis of studies, reports, white papers and other publications, the Brazilian competition authority identified 21 relevant documents - examining their scope, the organizations involved and their focus on the digital market - which were subsequently compiled into this publication. 


According to CADE, the purpose of the 'Competition in The Digital Market: A Review of Published Studies' is to: "Summarize the main international studies that analyze competitive dynamics in the digital market. The study is a review of this literature, which does not necessarily reflect CADE's view. Generally, we verified that these markets could present many issues of a competitive nature, which justifies the special attention of antitrust authorities around the world." 


To access the publication, please visit the following link.