Mañón Quintana Abogados opens Latin American affairs practice

The practice aims to offer a consistent level of legal services throughout the continent.

Posté le Wednesday, July 28th 2021
Mañón Quintana Abogados opens Latin American affairs practice

Julio Copo

Mexican law firm Mañón Quintana Abogados has created a new Latin American affairs practice to offer its clients coordinated legal support in Latin America.

This new practice will be lead by counsel Julio Copo, who has more than 10 years’ experience in administrative law, compliance and human rights. He is joined on the team by senior associate Jacqueline Acosta and other associates from different areas.

"The proposal comes from the growing need for trusted cross-border allies who can offer an objective, clear and consistent perspective on a relevant matter in two or more jurisdictions," the firm stated.

The new practice is aimed at transnational clients who want support in managing legal teams in different jurisdictions. It also has the capacity  to offer Latin American companies greater access to North American markets.

Although the pilot project started last year, the current situation is perfect to undertake the new operation, according to the firm. Factors such as the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement; the US market’s policy of ally-shoring to replace China as a supplier, the economic development of the Central American region and the growing level of international investment in Latin American businesses, all influenced the decision to create the new practice.

"A relevant aspect of this practice is its versatility, as it can mean coordination of investigations, support for regional compliance projects, comparative regional legislation, analysis of best international standards and coordination of litigation teams," added the firm.

With this development, Mañón Quintana Abogados is seeking to consolidate its presence at national and international level and offer new value-propositions for its clients and allies.