Lupicinio joins forces with Mexican firm Chávez Vargas Minutti

Lupicinio International Law Firm (LILF) continues to expand internationally by joining forces with Mexican law firm Chávez Vargas Minutti, offering Lupicinio a gateway into Latin America.

Posté le Monday, December 6th 2021
Lupicinio joins forces with Mexican firm Chávez Vargas Minutti

The move will enable Lupicinio to continue to provide its clients with support in their international endeavors, adding an additional point of reference, the Madrid-headquartered firm said in a statement.

Chávez Vargas Minutti will assume the leadership of the Lupicinio cluster in Latin America, to offer a wide range of legal services.

Chávez Vargas Minutti is a law firm specializing in corporate law, capital markets, private equity, mergers, acquisitions, Fintech, anti-corruption, compliance and energy and infrastructure law, and which create excellent synergies with LILF’s practices. The experience of its lawyers, together with their high level of specialization, has led them to be positioned as leading lawyers in Mexico, and where the firm is highly ranked by a number of prestigious legal directories.

“LILF has developed global legal services that have shifted the emphasis away from the ideas of ‘brand’ and quality over quantity to the idea of sustainable cost and ‘quality of quantity’, and it is this shared emphasis on excellence of services that allows such a harmonious alliance between LILF and Chávez Vargas Minutti,” the firm said.

“The alliance presents an opportunity for mutual growth between two firms with parallel goals and visions, and a further incentive for their clients to trust in them with their international business,” it added.

At the same time as providing a gateway into Latin America for LILF, the move allows Chávez Vargas Minutti to expand its legal services in Europe. 

The alliance with LILF will provide Chávez Vargas Minutti one more point of reference and entry into Europe from which clients can obtain specialized local advice.

Founded in 1980, Lupicinio International Law Firm is a global and multidisciplinary law firm, a leader in the Spanish market, with offices in Dubai, Havana, Algiers and Tehran, while its offices in Spain are located in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Vigo and Valladolid.