Leo Peeters & Koen de Puydt: “We want to take root and create valuable longstanding relationships with our stakeholders”

Created in 2019, Seeds of Law has come a long way since and has asserted its presence in the Belgian market. Its two founders, Leo Peeters and Koen de Puydt, explain the identity, vision and ambition of their firm.

Posté le mardi, novembre 2 2021
Leo Peeters & Koen de Puydt: “We want to take root and create valuable longstanding relationships with our stakeholders”

Leaders League: As the founders of Seeds of Law, how would you describe its DNA?  

Leo Peeters/Koen de Puydt: We decided to combine our two practices because we felt that we shared the same dream and vision about legal services and their future. We realised that together we would be even more capable of reaching that goal. We were quick to recognise our complementary profiles, both in terms of people, clientele and skillsets and the strategic business opportunity that this presented.   

The name of our law firm “Seeds of Law” has a true meaning behind it and reflects how we look at our business: “all the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today”. We sow seeds to reach the dreams and vision of and with our team and our clients.  We want to be there to see these relationships grow. Essentially, we want to take root and create valuable longstanding relationships with our stakeholders built on trust, integrity, respect and legitimacy. We aim to support our clients in their business endeavours and help them make a success of it. So, our firm’s DNA is co-constructed in this sense with our clients, our team and our suppliers. Trust, integrity, and respect are what Seeds of Law stands for.  


What makes your proposed offer attractive to new clients?   

Leo Peeters/Koen de Puydt: We offer bespoke but full-scope strategic legal advice and support to our clients, whether entrepreneurs, investors or businesses. They can rely on us to be informed and assisted with respect to all their business adventures and challenges. It is in this context that we have developed our service offer. To make life easier for our clients, in addition, we developed several business packs. Our service and assistance are valuable because our clients can save time and they can leave the complex tasks to our specialists. Consequently, this means that our clients can focus on their core business matters. Simply put, we have a major focus on corporate understanding and deep knowledge of our clients’ businesses and business strategies.   

From businessmen, entrepreneurs, investors, to large and small companies, our clients are active in a wide range of sectors in Belgium and abroad: real estate, automotive, pharma and health, construction, IT, manufacturing, and so on.


Seeds of Law is known for offering services based on strong values. Can you explain these values in more detail?  

Leo Peeters/Koen de Puydt: We have four core values: trust, respect, integrity, and diversity. First, we respect our clients and their (business) needs, but we also respect our teams and their professional needs and duties. That is also how we build trust. As for integrity, we make sure to honour the ethics and morals of our stakeholders, clients, colleagues, partners and suppliers, in order to provide honest services and reach a high level of solidarity. Finally, diversity is organically achieved through our multicultural and diverse team, and we continue to strive to maintain this level of diversity and to grow it which is the basis for a strong cohesion.   


Why is it important that Seeds of Law remains a business of human scale?   

Leo Peeters/Koen de Puydt: Our vision is to be a business of human scale in order to offer bespoke services and keep close and personal contact with our clients. We aim to do this by providing personalised services, adapted to the specific needs of each client, with a multidisciplinary team of lawyers. We aim to remain as close as possible to our clients to better understand their needs and projects, and in doing so to better meet their expectations. Having and keeping a human scale and a human approach, even when we grow our team or enlarge our service offer, helps us satisfy clients and everybody who is interested. 


How has your firm developed in the past year?  

Leo Peeters/Koen de Puydt: Our firm rapidly grew over the last year. We not only expanded in terms of people, but first and foremost, in our service offering. Our expansion directly relates to the expectations of our clients. Providing the perfect answers to the client’s questions and making them happy requires that we have an innate understanding of their ambitions. The firm must be able to permanently adapt, and that goes for our people management, our skills base and our management in general. By doing this we almost doubled our headcount over the past year and were able to broaden our group of partners.


We are proud of the fact that we were able to reach more clients from all over the world.   

Leo Peeters/Koen de Puydt: It is very important to us that international organisations such as Leaders League, that scrutinise the legal market by collecting information about law firms via clients and peers, have acknowledged us by ranking our firm as highly recommended for several areas of law. It proves that the market, that is to say our clients and peers, considers us a valid and competent player and business partner. 


What is your approach in terms of sustainability and how has this impacted your legal work?   

Leo Peeters/Koen de Puydt: We pay a lot of attention to ESG considerations and measure their impact. The governance of our firm is transparent. Our strategy very much takes ESG goals into account, and in providing strategic legal advice we consider ESG concerns as well.   

We constantly sound-out our colleagues and our clients in a transparent way and keep close contact whether in person or virtually.  When we were obliged to work remotely, keeping in contact was especially crucial. Our concern is to keep our colleagues motivated, but also to support cross-fertilisation between them. The happiness and collegiality of our teams is key, as is the work-life balance. We strive to have an open and tolerant culture, a work environment in which each individual feels appreciated and can flourish.   

Furthermore, we pay as much attention to our carbon footprint. We have substantially reduced paper files. Our offices in Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp are easily accessible via public transport.


How do you integrate and implement new technology and innovative tools at your law firm?  

Leo Peeters/Koen de Puydt: We have been using a wide array of technological tools for many years now and are always looking to improve. Keeping pace with technological development allows us to maintain our standards of service, wherever we are, at home or in the office.   

Documents are stored and managed in the cloud. Software, such as documents management systems and storage of e-mails (through MacroView), is more and more integrated and accessible by all our team members and even our clients, who can consult the status of their casefiles. We use the same for our knowledge management, which increases our efficiency and our responsiveness but also the quality of our work. Our document management system is a paperless goldmine.   

With our CRM system, which is also integrated with our document management system, the management of files, deadlines, etc. is very efficient. It also allows us to manage the contact details of our clients and friends.  We communicate with our clients and friends through a virtual assistant, called Victoria, if not in person of course.  

Signing official documents is also more and more electronic.  

We expect that our next step will be to integrate artificial intelligence to our daily work, via software such as Lexor.