Chile’s Eelaw announces return of Amelia Sagredo as senior lawyer

Chilean firm Eelaw, which focuses on environmental law, has announced the incorporation of Amelia Sagredo Seúlveda as a senior lawyer and project manager, marking her return to the firm where she worked from 2014-18 as an environmental lawyer.

Posté le lundi, août 7 2023
Chile’s Eelaw announces return of Amelia Sagredo as senior lawyer

“I am very happy to return to this great project,” Amelia posted on her LinkedIn profile regarding her return to Eelaw.

Amelia is an expert in coordinating the work of teams of lawyers as well as participating in legal analysis and the environmental impact of projects, providing advice to companies and unions, and reviewing the application of environmental regulations and guidelines concerning projects.

She holds a master’s degree in environmental law from Chile’s Universidad del Desarrollo, and a degree in legal and social science and a diploma in environmental law from the Universidad de Chile.

Prior to rejoining Eelaw, she held the position of head of the complaints department at Chile’s environmental watchdog, Servicio de Evaluación Ambiental, and where she also held the role of lawyer.

She has also worked as an assistant professor in the law and social sciences faculty of the Universidad de Chile.

Eelaw describes itself as a firm that is a “pioneer in the field” of environmental law in Chile, and which is “100% dedicated to environmental law and at the forefront in terms of national and international regulation, through legal analysis of the highest level, required for the development and implementation of all types of projects”.

The firm provides advice on environmental regulatory issues to associations such as Chile’s National Mining Society (SONAMI) and actively participates in the study of environmental regulations and in the drafting of public policies on such matters.