Softtek announces expansion in Colombia

Softtek has announced it has chosen Colombia as its newest location to strengthen its global digital capabilities, building on its presence in the South American company that stretches back more than 20 years.

Publicado Monday, November 15th 2021
Softtek announces expansion in Colombia

Softtek, which was founded in Mexico and is now a global company dedicated to helping organizations evolve through digital technology, said in a statement that Colombia “offers a stable business environment and sustained economic growth, supported by sound investment attraction strategies and programs, and which includes the information technology industry among its priorities”.

“The evolution of technology, a robust telecommunications infrastructure development program, its strategic geographic position, global connectivity and, above all, the merit and quality of Colombian talent, particularly in digital technologies, have been key factors for why we selected Colombia for our latest global digital solutions center,” Blanca Treviño, president and CEO of Softtek, said

Softtek has had a presence in Colombia for more than 20 years serving the local business market.

In this new phase, the company will build export service capabilities in Bogotá and make an estimated investment of $60 million in the next two years, creating more than 1,000 new positions that would add to its current headcount of more than 700 employees in the country.

“We welcome Softtek’s selection of Colombia for this new global operation, which takes into account the competitive advantages of our country as a digital solutions provider,” Flavia Santoro, president of investment promotion agency ProColombia, said.

“This is the type of investment that we seek to attract because it generates employment, promotes the development and transfer of technology, growth of export services, additionally it reflects the optimal position our nation is experiencing as an investment destination,” she added.

Digital solutions require agile methodologies, which is why the global nearshore model at Softtek is ideal, facilitating real-time collaboration between customers, users and development teams, a concept the company calls “Share the Sun”.

“Based on strengths that include strategic location on the continent and a large talent pool, Bogotá is positioning itself as an ideal destination for nearshore strategies utilized by companies in various sectors. Softtek’s decision further confirms that the city is a software export factory in Latin America,” Mauricio Romero, executive director of the Colombian capital’s investment promotion agency, Invest in Bogotá, said.

With more than 15,000 employees around the world, Softtek offers more than 6,000 training and professional development programs.