Chile’s Bofill Mir appoints capital markets director

Chilean law firm Bofill Mir Abogados has appointed Andrea Alarcón as its capital markets director to strengthen its corporate and financial law practice.

Publicado jeudi, novembre 9 2023
Chile’s Bofill Mir appoints capital markets director

Andrea has focused her career in the corporate area, with emphasis on securities markets, investment funds, regulated entities and project finance.

Among the challenges facing her in her new role are the advancement of the fintech sector in light of new regulations in the country.

Andrea graduated in law from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and has a master's degree in finance from the Universidad de Chile.

She began her career at Bofill Mir, where she was for almost 10 years, and now returns to take on the leadership of new developments in the capital markets area.

"I am delighted to return to Bofill Mir, especially at this time full of challenges and constant evolution of the financial market,” Andrea said. “In addition, I come with the responsibility of implementing a series of very challenging projects and with the backing of the firm's track record in this area," commented Andrea on her incorporation as Bofill Mir's first capital markets director.

"The need to redouble our efforts also comes in part from the challenges of a more in-depth oversight scenario by the authorities, and the new regulations that we expect to be issued in this regard," she added.

Andrea points out that "the advance of fintech continues to be a constant and is part of the short-term challenges in the area. This is particularly significant because the announcements are concrete and soon, for example, the register of financial service providers of the fintech law will enter into force in its entirety, which means that many companies will be under supervision and have to comply with the new obligations and practices that the regulation imposes on them, with the challenges that this implies".

For her part, Ana María Yuri, a partner  at the firm, said: "We know Andrea's work and experience; she is a top-notch lawyer, an expert in hard finance and a person who left a very positive mark in her first stage with us”.

“Leadership like hers will allow us to extend and deepen our practice in supervised entities and financial services," she added.