Top 20 Entrepreneurial Executives

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RankNameNationalityCompanySectorIn current position sinceTurnover in 2020 (in billions of euro*)Percentage change in turnover (2018-2020)2020 rank
Rank <span style="color:#000000;">1</span> - Wang Wei - Chinese 1Wang WeiChineseSF ExpressDelivery199320.269%New entry
Rank <span style="color:#000000;">2</span> - Dominique Senequier - French 2Dominique SenequierFrenchArdianFinance1996N/AN/A4
Rank <span style="color:#000000;">3</span> - Elon Musk - American 3Elon MuskAmericanSpaceXAerospace2002N/A N/A1
Rank <span style="color:#000000;">4</span> - Pieter van der Does - Netherlands 4Pieter van der DoesNetherlandsAdyenFinance20060.796%3
Rank <span style="color:#000000;">5</span> - Pony Ma - Chinese 5Pony MaChineseTencentIT19986354%New entry
Rank <span style="color:#000000;">6</span> - Zeng Yuqun - Chinese 6Zeng YuqunChineseContemporary amperexEnergy storage20116.771%New entry
Rank <span style="color:#000000;">7</span> - Hamid Moghadam - Iranian 7Hamid MoghadamIranianPrologisFinance19833.757%New entry
Rank <span style="color:#000000;">8</span> - Stéphane Bancel - French 8Stéphane BancelFrenchModernaBiotech20100.7494%New entry
Rank <span style="color:#000000;">9</span> - Jack Dorsey - American 9Jack DorseyAmericanSquarePayment services20097.6173%New entry
Rank <span style="color:#000000;">10</span> - Lei Jun - Chinese 10Lei JunChineseXiaomiIT20103241%12
Rank <span style="color:#000000;">11</span> - Daniel Ek - Swedish  11Daniel EkSwedish SpotifyEntertainment20087.952%6
Rank <span style="color:#000000;">12</span> - Antoine Flamarion - French 12Antoine FlamarionFrenchTikehauFinance2004N/A30%14
Rank <span style="color:#000000;">13</span> - Eugênio Pacelli Mattar - Brazil 13Eugênio Pacelli MattarBrazilLocaliza RentCar rental19731.730%2
Rank <span style="color:#000000;">14</span> - Guilherme Benchimol - Brazil 14Guilherme BenchimolBrazilXPFinance20111.4185%15
Rank <span style="color:#000000;">15</span> - Jacques Veyrat - French 15Jacques VeyratFrenchImpalaInvestment2011N/AN/A8
Rank <span style="color:#000000;">16</span> - Xavier Niel - French 16Xavier NielFrenchIliadTelecoms19905.920%16
Rank <span style="color:#000000;">17</span> - Daniel Julien - French 17Daniel JulienFrenchTeleperformanceCall Centers19785.729%New entry
Rank <span style="color:#000000;">18</span> - Aliko Dangote - Nigerian 18Aliko DangoteNigerianDangote GroupConglomerate19812.115%20
Rank <span style="color:#000000;">19</span> - Frederick Smith - American 19Frederick SmithAmericanFedExLogistics197158.66%10
Rank <span style="color:#000000;">20</span> - Marie-Christine Coisne-Roquette - French 20Marie-Christine Coisne-RoquetteFrenchSoneparElectronics2002233%11
Rank <span style="color:#000000;">*Euro conversion calculated using August 31st 2021 rates</span> -   -   *Euro conversion calculated using August 31st 2021 rates