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Restructuring - Advising mid-cap companies and their shareholders - Ranking 2018 - Law firm - France

Law firm
  • Patricia LE MARCHAND, Fabienne Goubault, Fabienne Goubault, Patricia Le Marchand
  • Marie Robineau, Sophie Nayrolles, Marie Robineau, Stéphane Cavet, Jean-Charles Simon, Stephane CAVET, David PITOUN, Jean Charles SIMON, Sophie Nayrolles
  • 1
  • Emmanuel DRAI, Karine COHEN, Olivier GEDIN, Stephane DAYAN, Pierre Forget, Emmanuel Drai, Olivier Gedin, Stéphane Dahan, Karine Cohen
  • Sébastien Harel, Sébastien Harel, Alexandre Cornet, Jean-François Puget, Alban Pousset-Bougère, Thomas DESCHRYVER
  • Laid Estelle LAURENT, Bertrand BIETTE
  • Edouard Fabre, Sandra Esquiva-Hesse, Edouard Fabre, Sandra ESQUIVA HESSE, Antoine TCHEKHOFF, Bruno ROBIN
  • Christian Pascoët, Jean Charles GANCIA, Thomas Obajtek, Xinyu Hu, Christian Pascoët, Jean-Charles Gancia, Martine Zervudacki-Farnier, Thomas Obajtek, Frédéric Godard-Auguste, Martine ZERVUDACKI FARNIER
  • Nicolas Partouche, Nicolas Partouche, Yvon Dréano, Anne Toupenay-Schueller, Patrick THIEBART, Déborah David, Vincent NETTER, Thierry BRUN, Paul COCCHIELLO
  • Pierre CHATELAIN, Pierre Chatelain, David LUSSIGNY, Jonathan NABARRO, Jennifer HINGE
  • Pierre-François VEIL, Yankel Bensoussan, Nassim Ghalimi, Nassim Ghalimi, Yankel Bensoussan, Pierre-François Veil, Georges JOURDE

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