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Private Equity - Large LBO transactions - Ranking 2020 - Investment bank - France

Investment bank
  • 2
  • Bertrand Valet, Sylvina MAYER, Marc Walbaum, Alban BOULEY
  • Charles-Henri Philippi, Charles Andrez, Isabelle Xoual
  • François Rivalland, Jean Baptiste Marchand, Ludovic Tron, Nicolas Segretain, Patrick Maurel, Bruno Stern
  • Valéry Barrier, Grégoire Haemmerlé, Emmanuel Régniez, Pierre Drevillon
  • Rodolphe de Tinguy, Hubert Preschez
  • Laurent MOREL, Guillaume de Guérin de Villiers, STEPHANIE KORDONIAN, Patrick Sandray, Sylvain Mégarbané, Michael Maringe

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