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Mergers & acquisitions - Financial evaluation & asset transfer and merger audits - Ranking 2019 - Auditing & accounting firm - France

Auditing & accounting firm
  • Elyse Salzmann, Erik Van Duijvenvoorde, Christophe Leclerc
  • Geoffroy Bizard, Alexis Karklins-Marchay, Sophie Carles, Matthew Thumas
  • Olivier Courau, Olivier Péronnet, Christophe Lambert, Lucas Robin
  • Françoise Gintrac, Marc Gerretsen, Laure Châtillon, Benjamin Ribault, Cédric Lemaire
  • Olivier Cretté, Sébastien Sancho, Agnès Piniot, Stéphanie Guillaumin
  • Claire Karsenti, Thomas Hachette, Maurice Nussenbaum

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