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Mergers & acquisitions - Transactions between €20 & €75 million - Ranking 2018 - Investment bank - France

Investment bank
  • Nicolas Balon, Patrick Atzel, Michel Degryck, Alexandre Ebin, Jean-Arthur Dattée, Kilian de Gourcuff
  • 1
  • Romain Massiah, Marc Lebrun, Louis Vercken, Gilles Coudon, Guillaume Dary, Guillaume Capelle, Bertrand Thimonier
  • David Salabi, Romain Gonthier, Morgann Lesné, Guillaume Teboul, Michael Azencot, Laurent Azout
  • Laurent Hyver, Marc Goudemand, César Darcy, Cyril Serratrice, Christophe Kamel, Laurent Lefebvre, Michaël Chicheportiche
  • Rudy Cohen Scali, Jean-Michel Chami, Etienne de Lasteyrie
  • Claude Breuil, Vincent Behr, Vincent Déchin, Marc O’Neill, Jean-Emmanuel Vernay, Marc-Antoine Guillen, Bertrand le Galcher-Baron, Gwenaël Le Berre, Raphaël Rosselo
  • Eric Favier, Florent Keufer
As every year, the League Leaders Group (publisher of the magazine makers) publishes a new edition of its ranking on best business bank specialized in operations between € 20m and € 75m. Working tool for companies, this classification of investment banks is performed after an investigation of several months. To this end, investigators League Leaders group had contact with legal professionals of the most reputable business (investment banks, financial advice, entrepreneurs, investment funds ...). Questionnaires were sent by the hundreds. Our rankings are based on several criteria. Among them retain the reputation of the firm, the expertise of partners and their ability to impose on reference board records. The departments of revenue and studied the growth and dynamism of the teams are also criteria that may impact on the place of the teams in the standings.

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