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2017 Ranking of the Top Investment Banks in Germany - Industrials - Large Cap

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  • Dirk Albersmeier, Switzerland and Austria), Christian Kames
In 2015, as every year, Leaders League Group (editor of the French magazine “Décideurs”) publishes a new edition of its ranking dedicated to the best investment banks focusing on industrials in Germany. The Leaders League rankings are an useful tool intended for senior executives (General Counsel, CFO, CEO, HR Directors and other officers C-Suite leaders) seeking for the best financial advice. The rankings are created after months of investigation. Our team of market research analyst has been in touch with the leading bankers in Germany. Hundreds of surveys have been sent; a number of interviews, both face-to-face and by phone, have also been conducted. Our rankings are established based on several criteria. Among those, we can highlight the reputation of the firm in its market, the size of the team, the partners’ expertise and their ability to excel on the main deals in the industrial sector. Revenue generated by the department together with the dynamic and expansion of the team are also essential criteria that can impact on the position of the firm in the rankings. Finally, other companies’ executives (law firms, investors, auditors, etc.) have been interviewed in order to provide information and views concerning the positioning of the banks listed in our rankings.

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