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M&A and Corporate Law - Ranking 2019 - Law Firm - Portugal

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  • Duarte Schmidt Lino, Luís Sáragga Leal, Diogo Perestrelo
  • Cláudia da Cruz Almeida, João Vieira de Almeida, Jorge Bleck
  • Ana Sofia Batista, Duarte de Athayde, José Maria Corrêa de Sampaio, Paulo de Tarso Domingues
  • Francisco Santos Costa, José Diogo Horta Osório, Mariana Norton dos Reis
  • Diogo Leónidas Rocha, Mário Lino Dias, Tomás Pessanha
Here is our 2019 ranking of the best Portuguese Law Firms in M&A and Corporate Law. This ranking was created after a year-long investigation. Our team took into consideration data from multiple sources, such as peer and client recommendation, growth, and importance of different cases. This ranking intends to be a decision-making tool for leaders and is available online in five languages.

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