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Litigation support - Antitrust litigation - Ranking 2019 - Consulting firm - France

Consulting firm
  • David Spector, Laurent Eymard
  • Sébastien Zimmer, Denis Martin, Sebastien Plessis
  • Olivier Péronnet, Christophe Lambert
  • Pascale Déchamps, Gunnar Niels, Helen Jenkins, Robin Noble
  • Laure Schulz, Francesco Rosati, Benoît Durand, Meryem Haraj Touzani
  • Maurice Nussenbaum, Claire Karsenti
Are you looking for the best French antitrust litigation support firm in 2019? Look no further! Leaders League has published the new edition of their annual ranking. Our market research teams, based in Paris, took several criteria into account : the numbers (growth and dynamism of the firms), the dynamism of the partners, the importance of the cases ... We also asked for recommendations from clients and peers in the litigation industry. Use this ranking as a tool to find the best firm for your needs!

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