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Large-Scale Credit Recovery - Law Firms - Brazil - 2019 Rankings

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  • Luiz Felipe Perrone dos Reis, Maria Elisa Perrone dos Reis Toler
Ernesto Borges: Giants of the Centre-West

Ernesto Borges Advogados


Ernesto Borges Neto, Renato Chagas Corrêa, Gaya Lehn Schneider, Bernardo Castro, Edyen Calepis



Track record : Centre-West litigation powerhouse trusted by such top-tier clients as Itaú, Bradesco and Claro for its expert management of sizeable consumer portfolios. Singled out for its excellent record in the insurance, banking and telecommunications sectors. Also recognised for its leading credit recovery practice which covers negotiations, case management and the seizure of assets.
Differentiation : Founded in 1951, Ernesto Borges Advogados currently counts six offices as well as 11 partners and 251 associates making it the largest firm in the Centre-West region. The large-scale consumer litigation department impressively handles over 100,000 cases whilst the large-scale credit recovery team manages roughly 23,000 mandates.
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Here is our 2019 ranking of the best Brazilian Law Firms in Large-Scale Credit Recovery. This ranking was created after a year-long investigation. Our team took into consideration data from multiple sources, such as peer and client recommendation, growth, and importance of different cases. This ranking intends to be a decision-making tool for leaders and is available online in five languages.

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