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Industrial risks, insurance & liability litigation - Regulatory assurance / reassurance - Ranking 2019 - Law firm - France

Law firm
  • 1
  • Richard Ghueldre, Capucine Bernier
  • 2
  • Gildas Rostain, Rozenn Lopin, Maylis Casati-Ollier, Yannis Samothrakis, David Méheut, Franck Le Calvez, Eric Diamantis
  • Sarah Xerri-Hanote, Simon Ndiaye, Bernard Mettetal, Gérard Honig, Nathalie Finkelstein
  • Louise Fourcade, Michel Bellaiche, Emmanuelle Devin
  • Pauline Arroyo, Olivier Purcell, Guillaume Brajeux

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