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Finance & Tax - Fiscal Litigation and Recovery Assistance - 2017 Ranking of the Top Law Firms (France)

Law firm
  • A. Grousset. J. Sollier, J.P. Bidegainberry, X. Daluzeau, F. Gerner, Stéphane Austry, Jean-René Bénichou, Arnaud Donguy, Edouard MILHAC, Jean GUILMOTO, Bruno GIBERT, Christophe FRIONNET, Richard Foissac
  • 2
  • Édouard Sicot, Julien Gayral, Yves Rutschmann, Renaud Streichenberger, Pierre-Henri Durand, Sébastien de Monès
  • 1
  • Nicolas Jacquot, Patrice Corbin de Granchamp, Roland SCHNEIDER, Alain RECOULES
  • Pascal Seguin, Michel GUICHARD
  • Philippe Delattre, Denis Brugere, Gilbert Houilliez, Nicolas Ballet, Frédéric Hennes
  • A. Jamin, B. Bacrot, P. Dewavrin, P. Willemin, J.-C. Chabin, Cédric Deschamps, Julien Kozlowski, AUDREY-LAURE ILLOUZ
Valuable practice
  • Nadia Ripert, Alain Ripert, Gilles Bazaille
  • Jean-Claude Bignon, Sylvie Canonge
Leaders League publishes its new ranking editorials for the top French law firms focusing on fiscal litigation recovery assistance. This new area has been studied by our market research team, who has been in contact with the best players in the business. This ranking will give you insights into the industry and allow you to choose your next business partner. Leaders League rankings are also available online.

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