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Africa Desk - International arbitration and litigation - Ranking 2019 - Law firm - France (Paris)

Law firm
  • Roland Ziadé, Arnaud de La Cotardière, Pierre Duprey
  • Christophe von Krause, Michael Polkinghorne, Christopher Seppälä, Charles Nairac, Elizabeth Oger-Gross, Sylvain Bollée
  • 1
  • Pascal Agboyibor, Jacob Grierson, Emmanuel Avramesco, Bob Bastos
  • Laurence Kiffer, Eric Teynier, Pierre Pic, Raphaël Kaminsky
  • 2
  • Louis Christophe Delanoy, Raed Fathallah, Tim Portwood
  • Xavier Nyssen, Philip Dunham, Eduardo Silva Romero
  • Carole Malinvaud, Christian Camboulive, Alexandra Munoz, Michel Pitron
  • James Castello, Marc-Olivier Langlois, Laurent Jaeger, Kenneth Fleuriet
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