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Mergers & acquisitions - Transaction services consulting - Ranking 2018 - Auditing & accounting firm - France

Auditing & accounting firm
  • 1
  • Arnaud Lambert, Damien Gros, Nicolas Barsalou, Xavier Gallais, Frédéric Loeper, Christophe Schmit, Delphine Sztermer
  • Pascal Raidron, Eric Demuyt, Justin Welstead, Stéphane Vanbergue, Lionel Gérard, Katia Wagner, Florence Khayat, Christian Berling
  • Philippe Chavane, Martin Naquet-Radiguet, Olivier Marion
  • Axel Rebaudières, Remy Boulesteix
Leaders League's Rankings are based on many criteria, including companies's fame, associates' expertise and previous achievements. Audit and Consulting Firms have been ranked for their skills in Transaction Services, so that dealmakers can choose a top partner for their operations of acquisitions and restructurations.

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