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Ze’ev Emmerich (Founder, Tethys Solar Desalination): “By 2025 two thirds of the world will live in water stressed areas”

Leaders League. What makes Tethys Solar Desalination (TSD) different from other desalination projects that have been undertaken?

Ze’ev Emmerich. The most common desalination method currently in use is reverse osmosis, which is costly, energy-intensive and requires high-maintenance. TSD revolutionizes the process of desalination with a low-cost, off-grid, scalable and environmentally friendly modular technology using only the power of the sun – there are no fossil fuels and no carbon dioxide emissions. No electricity is involved in the desalination product itself.


Leaders League. What is the socio-economic benefit of applying TSD solutions?

Z.E. According to the World Economic Forum, water scarcity poses the greatest risk to global stability, outweighing risks posed by economic and national conflicts put together. By 2025, two thirds of the world will live in water-stressed areas. Our solutions can attract private investors who believe in profit with purpose. We offer a lucrative business which will have a positive impact on millions around the world. Private investment will not only help provide solutions to developing countries, but also in places like California, the south of France, Italy or Spain. We have already met customers who wish to implement our solutions in areas such as agriculture or the hotel industry. Investors usually ask, “How do we know people will want this?” to which, in response, I can show them the list of interested clients and potential partners as evidence of the potential of our company.


Leaders League. How do you see the development of TSD solutions in the next few years?

Z.E. Our startup has received some seed money on the basis of which we built a proof of concept. We are currently in the midst of an investment round which will enable us to build a fully operational pilot in Israel – a water farm – within six months. The site will be used for showcasing the advantages of our technology and will set the foundation for mass production. TSD modules are attracting serious interest in China, the US and countries in Africa and Asia.


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