"We are entering a new stage in the healthcare field"

Doctoralia's CEO Carlos Lopes discusses the challenges and strategies in the Brazilian market. With a background in telecommunications, the CEO brings speed and adaptability to transform healthcare.

Posted mardi, mai 30 2023
"We are entering a new stage in the healthcare field"

Leaders League: What are the main challenges Doctoralia faces in Brazil currently? And how to overcome them?

Carlos Lopes: Increasing the adoption of our patient application (APP) and completing the integration of systems, processes, and people with Feegow (a recently acquired company) are the two main challenges for Doctoralia in Brazil currently. To overcome the challenge of growing the user base of the app, it is necessary to continue delivering quality patient experiences and let the world know that it is now possible to have control over one's own health in the palm of their hands. As for the complete integration of the two companies, extra care must be taken with the people, with each individual, as they are the most important pillar of organizations and the reason why companies thrive or decline.

You have nearly a decade of experience in the telecommunications sector, having previously worked at Brasil Telecom, Claro, and Tim. How has this experience helped and influenced you in the conception and direction of Doctoralia?

Speed, adaptability, systemic vision, achievement-oriented energy, and motivation are characteristic ingredients of the telecommunications sector that have greatly contributed to the conception and direction of Doctoralia in the healthcare field, which tends to be more conservative but is now becoming more open to technology, largely driven by the desire of patients themselves.

Doctoralia recently announced some acquisitions, such as MyDr and Feegow. Could you tell us a bit about the strategy behind these acquisitions and how they impact Doctoralia's business model? 

The strategy behind these acquisitions is to bring the best of the world into the hands of our patients. We know that transforming the healthcare experience is not possible alone. That's why we are aggressively pursuing acquisitions, partnerships, and collaboration with various other companies and individuals who share the same mission of transforming the healthcare journey, making it more humane through the effective use of technology.

In that sense, how do you see the role of the legal department in your business?

The legal department provides the necessary security for these complex negotiations to take place. There is a lot of risk involved, and at that moment, a legal department that balances the needs of the business with the mitigation of such risks becomes vital.

The healthcare sector underwent the most transformations due to the pandemic. In your opinion, what were the biggest legal and regulatory transformations? And what industry trends do you believe will materialize in the coming years? 

Undoubtedly, the transformations that occurred with telemedicine, both in the legal/regulatory sphere and, above all in patient adoption, were the biggest transformations brought about by the pandemic. The attention turned to technology applied in healthcare as the key element to ensure the delivery of quality and safe healthcare. As a trend, I see accelerated growth and increased presence of Artificial Intelligence in solutions and in our daily lives. Another trend is that patients are discovering that they can manage their own health, with well-organized and online consultation histories, test results, data sharing respecting the LGPD (General Data Protection Law), among many other benefits. We are entering a new stage in the healthcare field!

What kind of initiatives and developments can we expect from Doctoralia in the next 12 months? 

We are heavily investing in the patient application, and there are plans to launch several improvements and unique features in the market this year, aiming to deliver more convenience, safety, and health for everyone. We will also expand our partnerships with companies in the sector and strengthen our "Social Media" department for healthcare professionals, providing an even more comprehensive journey for the entire ecosystem.