To leave, or not to leave…

Thinking of switching companies? From the state of the job market to the importance of networks and soft skills, in this special report Leaders League gives you the information you need to land that shiny new job.

Posted mardi, juillet 11 2023
To leave, or not to leave…

Over 300,000. That the record number of senior staff hired in France in 2022. Incredibly, despite a seemingly never-ending series of challenges to the global economy, that record may yet be exceeded by year’s end. Not only are companies hiring, they are no longer doing so from a position of strength.

What the HR world refers to as talent are better positioned than ever to negotiate higher salaries and bonuses, in addition to non-financial perks, such as remote work. And if French managers’ confederation Apec is to be believed, recruiters, who previously had the pick of the litter, have lowered their expectations considerably and are willing to consider CVs that would, until recently, likely have been fed straight into the shredder.

No master’s degree? No problem! Short on experience? Think nothing of it! This may be the ideal time to see whether the grass is actually greener on the other side. 

But even for the most motivated and confident of careerists, transition in one’s professional life remains a delicate, pitfall-laden stage to negotiate, and many questions swirl around the mind during it. How do I know I am doing the right thing? How can I remain motivated in my current job while my heart is set on finding a new one? Should I confide in colleagues that I am actively seeking a new job? Is one type of network better than another for finding the right job? What if I want to work abroad? Which soft skills should I bring to the fore? How to make a good first impression at my new place of work? Should I use the threat of leaving as a bargaining tool in salary negotiations? And so on, and so forth.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
For this special report, Leaders League got the thoughts of recruitment agents, head-hunters and career coaches, so our readers thinking about jumping ship, can do so clear-eyed and having considered all the variables.   

As the old saying goes, "nothing ventured nothing gained" but that does not mean you shouldn’t give the process of taking the next career step the attention it deserves. We hope this special report helps you do just that.